Booking Information

( Calls will only be taken between the hours of 5pm – 11pm, Monday - Sunday. All day time bookings need to be made in advance )

Appointments will ALWAYS need to be confirmed. Home visits will require a landline number and hotel visits will require either a booking reference number or a room number so we can contact you through the hotel.  We will not send one of our girls without confirmation.  The safety of our girls is important and we will not accept time wasters.

Payments are to be made in cash and dealt with on arrival.  To make an appointment please call 07900 184 645 – we do not accept calls from private numbers, nor can we discuss bookings via SMS.   Appointments need to made within the hours of 5pm – 11pm, Monday – Sunday. All bookings must be made with at least 4hrs notice.  However for all morning and lunchtime appointments, please book a few days in advance to ensure your chosen escort is available.

Please remember Devon and Cornwall are large areas and a lot of travel is involved, so please respect the fact, that some bookings maybe subject a travel fee and minimum booking times.  

Should you need to cancel an appointment for any reason, you must give us as much notice as possible.  Failure to give sufficient notice will result in a cancellation fee of £60 – £80 (depending on your area).  This applies to all confirmed bookings.  All cancellations MUST be made by telephone.